Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm A Giant...and also very behind in status updates!

Hi there everyone.....Since I'm scrambling to get this all done by the deadline I'm just going to show off some random progress photos..... this is the hardest, time sucking project I've tackled since my collage degree!!!  so....enjoy....and hope for the final tour sometime next week!

The kitchen is totally wonderful!!!!

main floor bathroom is ready for guests!

master bath vanity finally has faucets!

taking a break on the Master bed....hand tufted leather with floating tables

the theather seating fits!!  3 recliners and one sectional sofa

the pool table and the tiny balls and sticks

the bar is stocked...front
and back!!

Guinness posters in the man cave.

movie posters in the theater

I had to have SOMETHING girly in the basement!!

the trophy buck, awaiting mounting over the basement couch

the dining table and dishes

book shelf in the basement...and a few board games

and possibly my favorite....a dwarf holds up the bedside table in the boy's room!


  1. Looking great so far! I love the stadium seating, very swanky! You might start a trend with that dwarf table, too. Glad to see that I'm not the only one sweating the deadline :)

  2. It might not have been so bad if I knew a guy for the kitchen! Your's is totally AMAZING.... now back to sewing blankets and shower curtians.

  3. there is lots here i love, but the master bed-wow, cool and very comfortable looking, lucky dolls!

  4. Thanks Max! I'm not sure mine is as colorful as your living room! Good luck with the christmas feast cooking!