Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm A Giant! Dollhouse challenge week 2

So last we chatted, I was looking on the net for inspiration houses to build for the challenge.
I was finding that besides being obsessive and thinking I can do anything…I also have Schizophrenic taste in homes.  I give you this as evidence…..I happen to LOVE all of these places. Weird huh?
This is The Wren's Nest, near Atlanta. It was built in 1870 and has the coolest porches.

Here's a very traditional looking Victorian.... I really have liked the outsides of these hiouses, but the insides are always too much flowers and doilies for me.
Here's an old Tudor style mansion. I think the woodwork inside would be to die for....but do I really want to build that many turned spindles for the big open staircase?

 Here's an example of the wonderful homes in the Garden District in New Orleans....we were just there for my honeymoon and strolled around dreaming of coming from "old money".

There are always the log homes I grew up seeing in the Black Hills....but would you pick the BIG mansion one, or the tiny cabin one? I guess it would depend on how many Lincoln Logs sets you could come up with!

There are always the really cool industrial lofts. I've been in more than a few in the last 5 years. They can be so neat with the open living spaces....or they can be a hot mess with no definition between spaces and too many styles too. Here are a couple of good ones.

There are the Bauhaus style houses....I have a few in my neighborhood. Neat Mod style boxes with enough glass to seem like full size doll houses on their own.

I finally decided that I did need to do a more modern home....just figuring out how to open the traditional ones was giving me a headache.  I ran across this one... Chicken Point Cabin.
How cool is that moving wall??  Can't you just see yourself having coffee out on that deck?

Finally, I found one that I really liked though....but that will have to wait for the next instalment. In the meantime....

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