Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm A Giant! Dollhouse challenge

So, I must admit something…I have an obsessive personality. I also tend to jump into the deep-end without ever asking how deep it is.  Ask any of my friends, I can really get stuck on some odd things: the 4 months I was planning my new garden (it did keep me sane in the deep dark winter months), the nearly a year I spent making the pattern for my wedding dress (it did turn out pretty nice, after many panicked calls to friends about straps). Oh, I could go on….but I think you get the idea.  Well, with the wedding done….the gardening done…the job search still on, I have some obsessive time on my hands, and I’ve found the perfect thing!

About a 2 weeks ago I ran across the “I’m A Giant! Dollhousechallenge”….and I’ve been obsessed.

Thanks so much Emily Henderson! You have made it possible for my hubby to think I’m even nuttier than he already knew I was.

I have scoured the internet for dollhouses….and found everything in my very limited budget uninspiring. I went to toy stores and antique shops and found nothing.

Too granny

Way too simple

A bit too Weebles

Finally I decided that I would have to build it myself.  I think I drew out 8 or 10 different houses and lofts….I wasn’t horribly happy with any of them.

So I started searching the internet again, looking for inspiration. I'll show you som of them next time....until then, check out some of these blogs...
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  1. Asa, this is going to be soo cool. I can't wait to see some in progress pictures. Good luck!