Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm A Giant! Dollhouse challenge week 4

I know I was hoping to tell you about the ground breaking this week…but we ran into some issues with the blue prints. After I had the floor plan nearly figured out, I thought I better make sure it all worked out in 3-D before I tried to make the real thing.

Yep, I’m THAT silly.

And I wanted to make sure there was room to move around… and more importantly that the sight lines of that amazing view were not messed up! So here are some of the photos of my mini-mini-house!! It is 1:48 scale (1/4 inch on the model is 1 foot in a real house). That means my “little people” for this place are about 1.5 inches tall at most. 

I made doors that open. I made a kitchen island. I even made the teeny tiny stairs to scale. And in the end, I’m happy to say it all worked out! I’m ready to go buy the foam core and get cracking on making the 1:24 scale house.

Here's the same angle as the inspiration house in Brasil.

View of the kitchen and master bedroom bump out,
with the private patio and master suite deck.

The patio under the cantaleivered second story.

Looking from the glass wall end of the house through the great room into the kitchen.
Do you see my tiny modle behind the sink?

Looking down on the first floor and split level entry.

Here are other folks that are riding the miniature crazy train with me! Check them out!

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